“The world is changing very fast.  Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.”  -Rupert Murdoch

In the world of complex commercial litigation, the market for trial lawyers demands change—away from size, perceived prestige, and the relics of the large-firm model and toward skill, creativity, agility, and efficiency. We formed Reese Gordon Marketos LLP to seize the opportunity that accompanies change and to provide our clients a modern platform that leverages our skill and efficiency.

The founding partners of RGM—Joel Reese, Brad Gordon, and Pete Marketos—practiced for years as trial lawyers in two of Dallas’s largest and most prominent commercial law firms. Along the way, they developed reputations as honest advocates who command both the courtroom and the respect of their opponents.

Our attorneys pride themselves on taking the hardest and most important cases and preparing each of them for trial as if it were their last. We have been through the toughest of battles side-by-side with our clients, winning plaintiffs' verdicts and take-nothing defense verdicts in commercial cases before judges, juries, and arbitration panels.

More important than our trophies, however, are the valuable and long-term relationships we develop with our clients. While our trial experience speaks for itself, modern commercial litigation calls for more than passionate advocacy. We are counselors first—advising and guiding our clients through difficult business disputes at every stage—and we are more interested in solving problems than in causing them simply to prove our worth.

The model is simple: assemble a concentrated core of talented trial lawyers who consider the practice of law to be neither a job nor a career, but a calling. Streamline the processes, implement cutting-edge technology, embrace efficiency, and never stop thinking of the client’s best interest.

We have built the model. How can we help you?